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Barn doors for sale

Wood barn doors for sale

An interior door is an important element completing the interior design in any habitable premise. Apart from that, any door has an important function – separation of space between various rooms and parts of a premise. Imagine how one would feel in an apartment having no doors at all. Not quite comfortable, with draughts everywhere and no place for solitude.

One should note there can be absolutely diverse types and styles of interior doors. Nowadays a great deal of manufacturers of such production offer barn doors for sale.

What do modern barn doors look like?

Example of barn door (for sale)

In the last few years they have become extremely popular both abroad and in our country. Technically and structurally they comprise large, massive leaves of timber, metal, plastic, or other material, installed onto reliably fixed horizontal rails. Such doors are opened and closed by moving the leaf along the rails back and forth. This is their main peculiar feature making them different from standard swing doors opening like pages in a book.

Barn doors for sale are now widely represented in the Western market where they are in great demand. Due to their popularity, similar door structures can be seen at homes of modern show business stars, actors, and politicians. Such doors got their name because they were traditionally installed in old wood warehouses – barns. Contrary to standard swing gates, such doors could be easily slide open, even if everything is jammed with snow from the outside.

Advantages of using barn doors for houses and apartments

barn doors for apartments advantages

Using barn doors in his dwelling, the owner gets a number of advantages, namely:

• Saving space. Contrary to standard interior swing door occupying at least one square metre of space, a barn door is opened by simply moving along the wall. This allows putting a table, bed, or other furniture closer to the entrance. Apart from that, a barn door would not hinder anyone when being opened;

• High reliability, durability, and long life. Contrary to widespread erroneous idea about barn doors being insufficiently reliable, this is not true. Their structural reliability is ensured by use of high quality materials, strong metal alloys. Therefore such a door is no worse than standard doors in terms of strength and durability;

• Stylish appearance. The design diversity in creation of such doors allows combining them with any interior design styles. Old barn doors for sale are especially popular nowadays. Here it is not meant that such doors are actually “old” but that they are stylized as old, as a rule, with the help of natural timber, and look similar to real barn gates used by people several centuries ago.

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