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Interior barn doors for sale


old barn doors for sale history

The use of barn doors in apartment interior design has become an especially fashionable trend. Why are they called barn doors? Because these are solid leafs fixed on rails, formerly installed in household buildings, sheds or barns; hence the name ‘barn doors’. They were very easy to open and allowed a wide pass, which was of importance. Since recently, such door structures have become very popular for use in the interior between rooms. Thus more and more internal door manufacturers are offering interior barn doors for sale on the market.

Interior barn door structure

Barn doors for sale structure

Interior barn doors comprise a structure similar to that known from ancient times. The only difference may be in the material, wide color range, and bespoke dimensions for each client. Such doors look especially vibrant. Due to their excellent esthetic qualities, interior barn doors can sometimes set the main style in room decoration or in the whole interior of an apartment or a house. The door materials include:

– timber;
– high quality plastic;
– tempered glass;
– stainless steel etc.

The main leaf is installed on horizontal rails on which it moves in the direction needed to open or close the room. Interior barn doors can be called sliding or rolling, single or double as it is possible to install several leaves at once, to move from one or both sides of the passage. It would not be difficult to select an interior barn door for your interior from the broad variety of products offered.

Interior barn doors: advantages

Interior barn doors that proposed for sale

Buying barn doors for sale, the customer immediately determines for himself a series of advantages following their installation as interior doors or partitions.

1. Stunning appearance. Not a single other door would impress you so much with its functionality, from the door itself to its fixings. Cast iron fixings are used to give old-fashioned style, they would not leave any guest visiting your home indifferent. Steel or chrome ironmongery can be used for a more contemporary look. All barn door elements are visible, with nothing being hidden, thus you can assess its charm at the very first glance.

2. Village style and fashionable simplicity. The wish of many apartments residents to be closer to nature, to their country homes, has led to bigger and bigger number of country life features being harmoniously incorporated into the modern apartments design. Barn doors with clearly recognizable village origin have become one such feature. Manufacturers began offering interior barn doors for sale in various styles. Such doors would excellently fit a number of interiors: country, Provence, shabby-chic etc. A real door previously serving in some old barn, is considered to be an especial luxury.

3. Saving space. Assessing the area occupied by an ordinary apartment door when opening and closing, you can easily understand the advantage of barn doors not requiring extra space for it. In this case, if a barn door is installed immediately during overhaul, it is removed into a special case allowing even more rational use of space. This advantage is especially useful for owners of apartments having small area. Interior barn doors can be installed between frequently used rooms, substantially easing the family members’ life. Such a door can act both as a door and a partition.

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